abutment tooth

abutment tooth
diente de soporte.

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  • abutment tooth — a tooth selected to support a bridge on the basis of the total surface area of a healthy attachment apparatus. See also abutment (def. 2) …   Medical dictionary

  • Abutment — An abutment is an end support of a bridge superstructure.Abutments are used for the following purposes: * to transmit the reaction of superstructure to the foundations. * to retain the earth filling. * to connect the superstructure to the… …   Wikipedia

  • abutment — In dentistry, a natural tooth or implanted tooth substitute, used for the support or anchorage of a fixed or removable prosthesis. auxiliary a. a tooth other than the one supporting the direct retainer, assisting in the overall support …   Medical dictionary

  • tooth-borne — A term used to describe a prosthesis or part of a prosthesis which depends entirely upon the abutment teeth for support. * * * (t thґborn) supported entirely by the teeth; said of a prosthesis or part of a prosthesis entirely supported by the… …   Medical dictionary

  • abutment splint — adjacent tooth restorations that have been rigidly united at their proximal contact areas to form a single abutment with multiple roots …   Medical dictionary

  • abutment — /euh but meuhnt/, n. 1. Archit., Civ. Eng. a. a masonry mass supporting and receiving the thrust of part of an arch or vault. b. a force that serves to abut an arch or vault. c. a mass, as of masonry, receiving the arch, beam, truss, etc., at… …   Universalium

  • tooth-borne base — the base of a partial denture which is supported by the abutment teeth and not by the tissues beneath it …   Medical dictionary

  • intermediate abutment — a natural tooth or root, without other natural teeth in proximal contact, that is used as an abutment, in addition to two terminal abutments. Called also pier …   Medical dictionary

  • primary abutment — a tooth used for direct support of a denture …   Medical dictionary

  • secondary abutment — a natural tooth used in addition to the primary abutments to provide support or indirect retention for a removable partial denture; called also auxiliary a …   Medical dictionary

  • terminal abutment — a natural tooth located at an extremity of a fixed partial denture and used for the support and retention of the prosthesis …   Medical dictionary